Why Use Standards In Website Development and Web Application Development

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Despite the years go by and technology advances by leaps and bounds are still many websites and applications they develop their interfaces to “look pretty” instead of thinking about things like usability and accessibility.

A custom web application development must not only be such as to meet the requirements requested, but must also provide a user friendly experience. An application can succeed or fail completely because of this. For the particular case of applications with web interfaces, can be divided into two very distinct parts: the server side, where is the hard programming (in languages such as PHP, Java, Python, etc.) and the client side, where used (X) HTML, CSS, Javascript to provide content to users. The latter side is that web browsers interpret and displayed to users. It is also the last side to parse the search engines to index new content and display in search results. This is where standards come into play in the W3C web. We can develop web pages with tables and are going to be really good, or dirty code can fill a page that most visitors will not realize. But we must not only develop to get something nice, but also something functional, affordable, easy to maintain, quick to load and professional.


Web standards allow us to create documents with a valid structure, coherent and meaningful. Is not the same to create a bold and large that a header h1, although visually identical. A human can interpret the same way, but not the search engines or screen readers used by blind people. Furthermore, by structuring documents correctly, we are creating a document object model (DOM) correct, then we will improve the presentation through style sheets and behavior with Javascript.

Create good structures creates a much cleaner markup then facilitates implementation of server languages, generating a final code much neater and lighter than would be generated with a marked dirty (for example, the use of tables to create layouts).


Web browsers are created based on web standards. They give the browser a set of name tags and how these are used. If we use standard browsers to properly digest the documents generated and show what we really want to show. The lack of standards makes use of browsers interpret Web documents in a ” non-strict “, generating in most cases undesirable behaviors.

In addition, search engines are ready to code properly digest well marked, so a good use of standards allows better reception of content by search engines and this creates a better interpretation. In short, this makes Google and Yahoo better interpret our site and then get better placement in searches and more visits.

Documents Lighter

The proper use of standards to further promote the reuse and code clean and simple. This allows for lighter papers, which significant to consume less bandwidth and transfer from the server. If we pay a hosting service, they usually limit us these resources, making good use of standards would be very beneficial to us.

A document lighter, is easier to unload and load faster in web browsers. This is a very important point for the use of standards for web design and development.


The web today is a free media access and should all be able to obtain the information it provides. If we use standard, we are allowing people with a disability can receive the content we provide an acceptable manner. This means that the software for such persons can correctly interpret Web documents that we develop.

In some countries, the lack of accessibility of a website is considered as a discrimination case and is fully liable.

Easy maintenance

We have said that using standards creates a cleaner code. This allows an easier to locate and repair problems and extend our applications with minor changes at points. A good use of standards together with good practices can afford to maintain large applications with a few tweaks.


The standards ensure that our current developments will continue to operate successfully in the future. This occurs because the browsers will be forced at some point to properly interpret the marks generated by the standards and will have to respond correctly to them.


Personally, the first thing I do to convince me if a development is good or bad is to right click mouse in the browser and view the source code of the page I am viewing. This way I can easily recognize a good or a bad design.

When developing for the web, we have to do given our reputation and quality professionals. If we make things look pretty just not going to get very far. The use of standards gives us prestige because we are generating code used with maximum quality and international level.

A developer or web designer that uses standards gives the impression that you are aware of the latest trends and learn about the latest technologies in use. It is important to give this picture to get better jobs.

In addition, using website development standards combined with best practices of usability and accessibility we can be really good to our customers , allowing them to provide simple applications to use and powerful. As I said earlier: an application can succeed or fail by their interfaces (in this case via web).

Hire iPad App Developer

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Congratulation! You are an iPad fan and like to use iPad whole the time. We can make your iPad a device which you can keep with you every moment by the creativity and hard work of our iPad developers. We can create a miracle for you by making your iPad an extremely useful device for every stratum of the people for any work because our developers can create applications for:

  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Utility
  • Education
  • Games
  • Health industry
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • News and information
  • Weather and more…

But how this miracle is possible? It is possible with the following characteristics of our iPad developers:

  • Our developers are working on iPad since the first release
  • Our reach is worldwide therefore we face various types of iPad development projects which enrich our developers with extremely valuable experience of the development facing different verticals of the industry so they are capable to manage any scale of the project with same confidence.
  • Our developers like quality clients because they can develop quality project and face challenges.
  • Our developers treat our clienteles as their team member and create seamless integrity with them.
  • Our developers believe in long term relationships with clients so they behave very friendly during and after development.
  • Our developer has good will of clients at their hearts so wish that our clients can reach at the market as early as possible so they finish their projects within given time line.
  • Our developers offer easy communication channels like e-mails, instant messengers, live chats on our website and a phone call to prove their availability at any time and from anywhere.


iBits offer hire iPad developer services in different packages so you can choose suitable one for your requirement and your budget. You can hire iPad developer for full-time, part-time or on hourly rates.


I think you think that your iPad development project must be with iBits because their developers can create custom iPad development as per your wish and your requirements so contact us and fix the deal.

iOS 6 Application Development

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New technologies, new opportunities crave for strong partner? Explore our portfolio; you will find iOS 6 applications! Contact the owners of that apps and ask that do you know any company stronger than iBits. We dogmatically are doers not grumblers therefore scrappy enough to lead you in unfathomable world of iOS 6 application development just explain your brilliant idea or bespoken needs and let rest of on us we never dismay you for definite success. This confidence comes from our prolonged and profound experience on iOS development, lessons learned from different verticals of industry, serving highly quality conscious clienteles, out-of-box thinking, state-of-art infrastructure and domain expertise. In order to keep steps with pace of time we have taken many advancements with gradual incremental fractions with each new release of the iOS version. We have quick adaptability with new technologies and tools as it again reflects in iOS6 application development where tons of new features and functionality exist even with new Xcode version. Our skilled and talented iOS developers have got mastery over them within no time to say and earned tricks and tweaks to assure definite success for our clienteles like you. They have extraordinary creativity to blend new features and functionality with your bespoken requirements and your concepts. Siri with high IQ is blessing for them to integrate it in their apps to offer extra facilities without touching the screen. There are very few in field of iOS6 application developmentwho have command over the app development using passbook feature and fortunately we are one of them. Our renowned iOS6 developers at iBits can let you collect all of your loyalty cards and ticket information at one place moreover it is location-based so you have further advantages of this feature in our development. With our iOS6 application development your games might have awesome experiences that you never have before. Our developers will make your game live and eye candy with synergy of our graphic designers. Our seasoned UI and UX designers will take care of the all, usability, ease in operating, user-friendliness, intuitiveness and user engagement issues in your iOS applications. Here you will find a professional and mature experience of our team as a whole. Since time-to-market is issue for all clienteles we too have issue of serving more and more clients within this short life span! Therefore we always finish your projects before deadline. Many complain the lack of effective conversation with offshore company but with our well-trained iOS6 developers you will run smoothly your OS6 application development project always in relaxed moods. Our understanding of different kinds of businesses and complex cultural constraints of targeted audience will make your path easy and you will find expected things without pronouncing a single word. Clean, compact and comprehensive coding practices assure us to instant approval in App store of our clienteles’ apps. We at iBits do everything within the boundaries drawn by Apple and always try to achieve uniqueness, attractiveness and user-friendliness in our iOS6 application development therefore we see the quality conscious clients attracted to us just like honeybee do towards honeycomb. Of course we are not wary to share this honey of quality development with you just press thecontact us button and instantly we will be with you.

iOS6 Application Development services

  • iOS6 Custom Application Development
  • iOS6 Game Development
  • iOS6 Application Migration
  • iOS6 Integration and Installation
  • iOS6 Application Testing and QA
  • iOS6 Web App Development
  • iOS6 Application Design and Special Effects
  • iOS6 Application Development Consulting
  • Hire iOS6 Developer

iOS 5 Application Development

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The most awaited and most advanced mobile operating system till the date that is ios 5 have been launched by Apple Inc. recently including over 200 new features with tons of brand new APIs and unbelievable development tools. It contains stuff like iCloud Storage, Newsstand Kit, Core Image, GLKit, and thousands of APIs for twitter and Game Center. These all things can open may new door for development that hasn’t been even thought by developers or by any users.

Developers at iBits have already been working in iOS 3 and iOS 4 for a long time. so they have clear idea and bunch of experience in the earlier version of iOS 5. And now since the base of all i OS is same we have gain knowledge and GUI understanding of iOS 5 at great speed. Even we have finished certain projects successfully using iOS 5 and latest tools contained by it for iPhone and iPad.

What makes you feel special in hiring us for iOS Application Development?

  • Well qualified and experienced professionals.
  • Get instant & regular reports of the project.
  • Stay in touch with us 24×7 by call, chat, email.
  • Transparent Deals. No Hidden Cost. Pay only for what you get.
  • Regular meeting/discussion with developers & Project Manager.
  • Complete control on the project.
  • Total Flexibility on your project timings.

At iBits, we have several different packages for iOS 5 Application Development & iPhone Application Development along with custom application development. If you really want attention of your customer by building something of the world application, we have true talent in such kind of custom application development. Or if you are thinking to hire an iPhone developer, we also have facility for the same. Our developers are quite fluent and have well experienced in following categories.

What our talents can do in iOS 5 Application Development.

  • Location Simulation.
  • Backup and Sync Application.
  • iBooks and PDF Reader Application.
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Push Notification & Alerts App
  • Facebook & Twitter Integration


Now, if you have some chart bursting idea and you need a developer of the same standard, luckily you’ve got a safe and best place. Just go to inquiry form or just ping us and very shortly some of our Assistant would be there to help you.

iPhone Game Development

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Everybody likes games to play whenever they get opportunity. iPhone provides these opportunities many times whenever you find leisure. As iPhone can be put in your pocket you can use it to play the games with no bar of time and place or any restrictions at all.

iPhone is suitable for game play

The latest version of iPhone is iPhone 4S which is loaded with iOS 5 developers as an operating system. iOS 5 has many features that are suitable for a game play. Besides these it has highly supporting features and functionality like Gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, and most important its high-speed processor—A 5 chips that makes game faster than ever. Its text rendering ability is superb so you find text neat and clear. It has also superb graphics rendering ability so your images and graphics look eye candy.

iPhone game development services@iBits

We have well-trained team of iPhone game developers which is proficient at multiple aspects of iPhone game development like they are familiar with iOS 5 and its use in iPhone game development. They are fluent in Objective C, C++, Cocoa Touch, Open GL, Core graphics, Core animation, Core imaging, Core video and core audio. iBits develop various iPhone games like:

  • Action Games
  • Racing Games
  • Shooting Games
  • Sports Games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Arcade Games
  • MMO (Massive multiplayer online) Games
  • Role Playing Games
  • Casino Games
  • Card Games
  • Word Games
  • Adventure Games
  • Dice Games
  • Kids Games
  • Educations Games


Why iBits is Your First Choice?

  • We have profound knowledge of iPhone game development
  • We have extensive experience of iPhone game development
  • We can give variety of gaming environment
  • Our games have eye candy graphics
  • We use Oolong for 2D and Unity for 3D game engines
  • We develop each game unique and addictive.

We also offer hire a game developer services at reasonable rates so you can get its benefits by developing custom games for your idea or you can develop a game to let it free for your advertisement purposes.

Restore Your Reputation Online

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online_reputationDo you know of anyone that does not have any presence on the Web? It could be a social media profile, their own personal blog, a business website, or any information that is posted online. Because we share and connect with different people in different parts of the world, much like in real life, several factors can damage our online reputation.

An Internet reputation repair service company can help you be able to manage online reputation with ease and convenience. While some business owners like to assume that the issue will just go away on its own, a lot of employers have found the negative reviews still appearing on popular search engines, and it can run the risk of losing customers if no one will take action.

We all know that the Internet has certainly changed the way we live our lives today. Although it can be an extremely useful venue to exchange information, it can also be very harmful. One of the features of being online is that one can decide to be completely unknown but start to incur several slander and libel cases. Freedom of speech can sometimes be abused turn to libel, and the brand protection of businesses would be compromised.

Online reputation management is one of the things that you should invest in to protect your business and the brand you have tried to build for several years. Libel slander is something that has been quite prevalent on the Web, and there are some Internet users who will try to pick a fight or consciously say some hurtful things to incite negative reactions. If this happens to you, make sure that you stay calm and not try to lash back.
It is not impossible to rebuild your brand once it has been tarnished. Online reputation management will involve working with these experts so that they can push the negative material down off the search results. Typically, if something hurtful or damaging is said about your business, it only takes a short while for it to get to first page. The objective of the Internet repair reputation service company is to make sure that this issue can be fixed immediately.

How exactly does this work? This team of professionals will generate volumes of positive real2content to push the negative feedback down off the first page of the search results in most search engines. Good ones would force it down by five pages or more. Depending on the degree of the comments, they would push it down to the point where no one would go, making online reputation management a lot easier.
These articles will consequently rank higher in some of the popular search engines. The libel slander culprit will now have to work doubly hard to create and recreate negative content because it will always stay pushed down by the use of effective Internet reputation repair services.

Keep in mind that despite the name, Internet reputation repair service is not for repairing your reputation online alone. You could also use their services as a positive approach to promote your website and your online business.

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